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>From the docs located here http://tsung.erlang-projects.org/user_manual/index.html


  *   users Number of simultaneous users (it's session has started, but not yet finished).
  *   connected number of users with an opened TCP/UDP connection (example: for HTTP, during a think time, the TCP connection can be closed by the server, and it won't be reopened until the thinktime has expired). new in 1.2.2.


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I am writing again with similar question, maybe my previous question was not clear. I just wanted to know the difference between number of users and number of connected users in Simultaneous graph.

Does number of users means, tsung has created the clients but they are yet to connect to the server, meaning they are waiting because server is busy and connected means the total number of users connected at that point of time to the server.

Is that correct?

Can somebody please explain.

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