[Tsung] Dynamic vars and module initialization

Rodolphe Quiédeville rodolphe at quiedeville.org
Sat Nov 30 10:44:49 CET 2013

Vincent Bernat <bernat at luffy.cx> writes:

>  ❦ 28 novembre 2013 16:00 CET, Vincent Bernat <bernat at luffy.cx> :
>>> Unfortunately, I want to keep the connection to the database open and
>>> for that purpose, I use a process and I need to spawn it once, not each
>>> time I call the function. This is why I would like to tell Tsung to
>>> execute some function before starting the test (the function `start()`
>>> in my case).
>>> As we discussed on IRC, this is something that is not possible yet. I
>>> will work-around this by providing the requests through a plain TCP
>>> connection (but it would be handy to be able to reuse it each time to
>>> avoid a round-trip).
>>> Eventually, I will try to add this intialization feature in Tsung.
>> Meanwhile, I have discovered `on_load` module parameter. This is exactly
>> what I need. I am able to get results but Tsung seems to be memory
>> hungry. At about 1600 req/s, it eats 7GB. Is there a way to know where
>> all memory goes?
> Still more progress! By using several clients, the main problem is now
> that the controller is eating a lot of CPU (even when not using as a
> client). It is now the bottleneck. With 8 clients managing 50000 users,
> the controller is using 100% CPU on 4 Xeon cores. What could be the
> cause?
> Gist with the configuration used:
>    https://gist.github.com/7716477

Reduce your loglevel, you'll write less info on the crontoller.



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