[Tsung] Using rebar for tsung

Rodolphe Quiédeville rodolphe at quiedeville.org
Wed Nov 13 09:48:04 CET 2013


Is it planned to use rebar a day with tsung ?  

Source tree will need to be reorganize for rebar, is it a good idea for
you , and are all contributors agree with it ?  Maybe a release could be
done before this long and little boring task.

Why using rebar ? I'm working by now on adding the possibility to send
statistics to an analyzer with amqp queues, so I'll use a new library
in tsung (probably https://github.com/jbrisbin/amqp_client) and the
rebar deps functionnality is very usefull for this, instead of adding
the library directly to the source tree.

Any comments appreciate,


Rodolphe Quiédeville
Expert Tsung - Consulting en performance des SI
Tel : 06 13 79 63 41

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