[Tsung] Error: 1043 08S01 Bad handshake

Zhihui Jiao jzhihui521 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 10:31:10 CET 2013

在 2013年11月11日,下午5:09,赵绪 <denofiend at gmail.com> 写道:
> =INFO REPORT==== 11-Nov-2013::16:56:21 ===
>             ts_mysql:(7:<0.97.0>) Parsing> full packet 
> =INFO REPORT==== 11-Nov-2013::16:56:21 ===
>             ts_mysql:(4:<0.97.0>) Error: 1043 08S01 Bad handshake 
> hot to slove this problem?

Maybe there is something wrong with the ts_mysql plugin when doing the handshake.
Need someone who familiar with handshake of mysql to fix it, or you can work on you own. :D


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