[Tsung] Tsung Monitoring and Statistics

Nicolas Niclausse nicolas at niclux.org
Wed Jan 27 23:46:01 CET 2010

Karthik Kailash ecrivait le 26/01/2010 09:49:
> Hi,
> I want to use Tsung to run some load tests on our XMPP server.  Is it
> possible to use the data from the monitoring (server CPU utilization, memory
> usage, etc) in the statistics / report generation?  Also, is it possible to
> define custom counters in a Tsung script that we can use with stats/report
> generation?

It's not possible to define custom counters currently.

> Specifically, I want to make graphs for the following things:
> - # of connected users vs. server memory usage
> - # of msgs/s (sent + received) vs. server CPU utilization

You could try to use tsplot:

Setup a tsplot config file specific to the data you want, by customizing an
existing one:

diff ~/share/tsung/tsung_plotter/http.plots.en.conf my.plots.en.conf

> [cpu req]
> title   = CPU vs Requests
> ylabel  = CPU% x100 / Requests/sec
> stats   = {cpu,"srv-stock"}.mean request.count
> styles  = b- g+ r- cx
> legend  = CPU x100 , req
> yfactor = 0.01,1

and the run tsplot:
tsplot -v  -c ./my.plots.en.conf -d /tmp "NFS over XFS" ./tsung.log

this will create png images (see attachement as an example)

(you need the current trunk to mix several data in a single graph with
different yfactor values)

But it's not (yet) possible to group sent+received msgs/ in a single value

You may have to use gnuplot (or oocalc/excel) with the files generated by
tsung_stats.pl in ./data (request.txt, cpuXXX.txt, etc.) to do exactly what
you want.

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