[Tsung] Tsung and XMPP Anonymous Connections

Nicolas Niclausse nicolas at niclux.org
Mon Jan 25 23:17:10 CET 2010

Karthik Kailash ecrivait le 21/01/2010 09:00:
> Hi,
> I see in the Tsung user manual that there is support for many types of
> authentication.  Does it also support anonymous authentication

I did a quick update to an existing patch (SASL PLAIN) written by
UmaChithra Damodaran, to add SASL-ANONYMOUS, see:

You should use the second patch attached in the bug report. To be applied
against the trunk

example of use:
    <request> <jabber type="connect" ack="local"></jabber> </request>
    <thinktime value="10"></thinktime>
    <transaction name="authenticate">
       <jabber type="auth_sasl_anonymous" ack="local"></jabber></request>
       <jabber type="connect" ack="local"></jabber> </request>
       <jabber type="auth_sasl_bind" ack="local" ></jabber></request>
       <jabber type="auth_sasl_session" ack="local" ></jabber></request>

Tell me if it works for you

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