[Tsung] log/<date>/data directory - what do the columns mean?

Stein, Martin martin.stein at sap.com
Wed May 28 01:36:12 CEST 2008

I have been running a bunch of tests and the online report generation
facility is great. But when you need to compare more than a handful of
runs it would be nice to do that in a hypercube/pivot table environment.
For that I thought, I'd import the txt files in log/<date>/data
generated by that perl script into Excel or some BI tool. But what do
the columns in the various types, like this


10 9 22.586189778645835 30.186121893238806 202.177001953125
4.77685546875 0 0


(for a transaction) mean?


Unclear to me are the tr_*.txt, connect.txt, page.txt, the *os_mon*.txt,
request.txt, really all of the files with more than 3 columns. It would
be great if you could spell the meanings out.






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