[Tsung] Some questions on the simulated users in report and tsung.xml

Chong Ming dudgeon82 at yahoo.com.sg
Sat May 3 07:02:13 CEST 2008

i have write the xml file to create the number of users at the specific time in tsung.xml file as show below. Please correct me if i'm wrong if i misinterpret the xml file below.

Currently this is my script on creating the numeber of users in the xml file. Correct me if i'm wrong at interpreting the script below. The below script shows that in 50 users are create every 1 sec in a 300 seconds duration session. Am i correct?

<arrivalphase phase="1" duration="300" unit="second">
       <users maxnumber="50" interarrival="1" unit="second"></users>

Next this is the report generate regarding about the users as shown below

Name                     Highest Rate       Total number
finish_users_count     0.8 / sec           46
users_count             1.4 / sec           46 

Name             Max
connected     24
users             26

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