[Tsung] Reuse of values retrieved from external files

Michael Jacobs Michael.Jacobs at genband.com
Fri Mar 14 22:12:44 CET 2008



I am a new tsung user and am coming along quite well so far. I am
currently running version 1.2.2, and I am

successfully retrieving values out of external files. (username,
password, etc). My question is within the same sequence

if I wish to send another request containing the same username or
password, how do I do that? I looked at dyn_variable

but this looks like it is to be used for incoming messages, not ones
that tsung generates and sends out. In the snippet below

from the .xml file, I would like to send the same value for
mma_phone:phone in the second request that was used in the first.



     <request subst="true"><http
url='/webportal/rest/users/%%mma_phone:phone%%/UserName' version='1.1'

         <www_authenticate userid='%%mma_user:user%%'
passwd='%%mma_pass:pass%%' /></http></request>


url='/webportal/rest/users/%%mma_phone:phone%%/IMEnabled' version='1.1'


putting subst="true" in the second line fetches a new value from the
file, and leaving it out then sends the string



Any pointers in the right direction would greatly appreciated!





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