[Tsung] Percentile calculation

Nicolas Niclausse nicolas at niclux.org
Thu Mar 13 19:16:31 CET 2008

philippe vanderstraeten ecrivait le 13.03.2008 12:55:
> Nicolas,
> thanks a lot for your answer.
> In my case, load is not a real problem since we will inject real 
> transactions ( that means jsp or servlet calls) at 40 request per second 
> maximum.
> But you are right for heavy load test dumping memory could decrease 
> controller performance.
> I tried to look at the code, but I need to be more knowledgeable on 
> Erlang.... !!!

I started to look at this, and i got something that more or less work. I'll 
try to send a patch tomorrow

> PS: I see inside a file named tsung_controller.app.src a dump parameter. 
> Does this parameter allow the dump of all mesures ?

no, it's used to dump the traffic sent to and received from the server.


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