[Tsung] Percentile calculation

Nicolas Niclausse nicolas at niclux.org
Wed Mar 12 11:35:39 CET 2008

philippe vanderstraeten ecrivait le 11.03.2008 13:57:
> Hello,
> I need to get the percetile for transactions. I know that it is not 
> possible in TSung to get that since it could fall down performance of 
> the controller.

A possibility is to implement a new backend for stats: this backend could 
dump all data in a file (with compression enable maybe). It could be useful 
to compute everything you want offline . This will not work well with high 
load tests, but i don't know what is the limit (10 req/s ? 1000 req/s? 10000 ?)

> So I think to something else. Perhaps it is stupid but it could help a lot:
> My question: Is it possible to add a new parameter to <transaction> tag 
> which could be a response time. So, the controller could calculate in 
> real time the percentile of transactions
> that are less than this response time ?

Yes, that's possible.

> Is it hard to code ?
> Thanks for your help.

I think it should not be very hard.


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