[Tsung] snmp monitoring under erlang 5.6?

Matthew Wood hellomatty at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 21:42:50 CET 2008

Hi all - this is my first day or two with Tsung so please forgive me
if I put a foot wrong.

I'm using Tsung 1.2.2 on top of the current erlang from Macports (5.6/
R12B) and I'm seeing the 'broken SNMP monitoring' symptom from bug

I did a little looking at the code and found (in src/lib/snmp_mgr.erl):

>        MiniMIB  = case erlang:system_info(version) of
>                       "5.5" ++ _Tail ->
>                           snmp_mini_mib:create(Mibs);
>                       _ ->
>                           snmp_misc:make_mini_mib(Mibs)
>                   end,

Does this test need to be broadened?

Hope this helps - and thanks for a very interesting product!

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