[Tsung] [ANNOUNCE] Tsung version 1.2.2 available

Nicolas Niclausse nicolas at niclux.org
Tue Mar 4 20:46:49 CET 2008

Tsung 1.2.2 is now available.

Source code can be downloaded from

  see also:

Binaries for Debian, Fedora and source code, are also available on the
community website:


1.2.1 -> 1.2.2
    * [TSUN-30] - SNMP monitoring gives an error
    * [TSUN-31] - dyn_variable usage
    * [TSUN-35] - udp is not working
    * [TSUN-36] - default regexp for dyn_variable doesn't work in all case
    * [TSUN-38] - server monitoring crash if an ethernet interface's name
is more than 6 chars long
    * [TSUN-39] - https recording doesn't work with most browsers
    * [TSUN-43] - session should not terminate if rosterjid is not defined
    * [TSUN-49] - <match> doesn't work with jabber plugin
    * [TSUN-51] - tsung does not work with R12B (httpd_util funs removed)
    * [TSUN-53] - postgresql errors not reported in all cases
    * [TSUN-55] - no error counter when userid_max is reached
    * [TSUN-14] - no_ack messages and asynchronous msg sent by the server
are not available in the reports
    * [TSUN-27] - handle bidirectional protocols
    * [TSUN-28] - Refactoring needed to ease the change of the userid /
password generation code
    * [TSUN-29] - Multiple file_server support
    * [TSUN-32] - make snmp server options tunable
    * [TSUN-34] - add costum http headers
    * [TSUN-44] - tsung should ignore whitespace keepalive from xmpp server
    * [TSUN-45] - add kernel-poll support for better performance
    * [TSUN-46] - add number of open connections in statistics
    * [TSUN-47] - ts_mon can be a bottleneck during very high load testing
    * [TSUN-50] - use the whole range of Id (from 0 to userid_max) before
reusing already used Ids
New Features:
    * [TSUN-26] - Ability to loop on a given sequence of phase
    * [TSUN-52] - Adding comment during script capture
    * [TSUN-41] - add support for parent proxy for http only (not https)

Nicolas Niclausse

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