[Tsung] Dynamic variables, Vcards, TLS, and service discovery

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Fri Dec 15 09:15:38 CET 2006


Le 15 déc. 06 à 00:22, Megan Chinburg a écrit :

> However, I have not been able to get the dynamic sub to work,  
> perhaps I’m missing something?
>     <request subst="true"><jabber type="raw" ack="no_ack"
>         data="&lt;iq
>         to='ts_user_server:get_unique_id at servername'
>         type='get'
>         id='v3'&gt;
>       &lt;vCard xmlns='vcard-temp'/&gt;
>     &lt;/iq&gt;"></jabber></request>

Did you use percent signs ?

 From the documentation:


Those mark-up are of the form %%Module:Function%%. Substitutions are  
executed on a request-by-request basis, only if the request tag has  
the attribute subst="true".

<session name="rec20040316-08:47" probability="100" type="ts_http">
  <request subst="true">
   <http url="/echo?id=%%ts_user_server:get_unique_id%%" method="GET">

Mickaël Rémond

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