[Tsung] Dynamic variables, Vcards, TLS, and service discovery

Pascal Cohen pcohen at horizonwimba.com
Thu Dec 14 09:11:30 CET 2006

> The best approach would probably be to write a Vcard extension to the 
> XMPP benchmark part.
> We are for example approaching completion of a MUC test module and it 
> is much easier than using XMPP.
> Regarding your issue, you should first test your scenario with debug 
> on on the server and Tsung itself.
> It can make sure that your scenario is doing what you expect.
> Then, turn debug off and start benchmarking.

Hello Mickael,
what a coincidence, I was about posting such a question related to MUC 
in the coming days.
Those news are really interesting. Do you have an idea when the MUC test 
module could be available.

Thanks and Regards

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