[Tsung] Dynamic variables, Vcards, TLS, and service discovery

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Wed Dec 13 09:26:14 CET 2006


Le 13 déc. 06 à 03:32, Megan Chinburg a écrit :

> Hello,
> I am running some load tests now against an XMPP server and I've  
> run into a
> few things that I cannot figure out how to test.  I'll list all  
> four of them
> and if anybody can answer one, two, three or all, I would much  
> appreciate
> it. :)
> 1) V-Card retrieval:  I assume this will be a raw xml request using  
> the XMPP
> extension for requesting a V-Card.  However if someone has had  
> experience
> with this, perhaps they could shed some more light on the process.

The best approach would probably be to write a Vcard extension to the  
XMPP benchmark part.
We are for example approaching completion of a MUC test module and it  
is much easier than using XMPP.
Regarding your issue, you should first test your scenario with debug  
on on the server and Tsung itself.
It can make sure that your scenario is doing what you expect.
Then, turn debug off and start benchmarking.

> 2) My next question has to do with the XML in question 1:
> Is there any way to do a dynamic variable for the username in the "to"
> definition?  Obviously if all the users retrieve the same vcard,  
> I'm only
> testing the cache and not the actual retrieval.  Or if someone has  
> a better
> way to request a vcard in a way that exercises the server, I would  
> love to
> know.

I would do that with two possibles approaches:
- If extending the Jabber test module of Tsung, I would implement a  
destination attribute to choose the VCard (offline or online) among  
the list of connected users or disconnected users.
- If using raw packets, I would use dynamic substitution variables to  
draw a random user with the wanted rules.
Look for the ts_user_server API.

> 3) Is there a way to build a request for service discovery?

For now it is either raw packet or custom addition to the Jabber  

> 4) Is there a way to request a TLS rather than plain socket  
> connection?

It is not supported for now.

> Thank you in advance for any help on these issues.

I hope this helps,


Mickaël Rémond

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