Test specification questions

Mark Smith msmith at truelink.com
Mon Dec 5 21:07:03 CET 2005

Nicolas Niclausse wrote:
> The syntax is:
> <match do="continue|abort|loop|restart" when="match|nomatch">regexp</match>
> for ex:
> <request>
>       <match do="continue" when="nomatch">Welcome|Bienvenue</match>
>       <match do="abort" when="match">Login Incorrect</match>
>       <match do="loop" when="match" sleep_loop="2"
> max_loop="5">Retry</match>
>       <http url= .../>
> </request>

Two more questions:
- It looks from your example that you've made the sleep time and the 
maximum number of loops to be parameters.  Thank you!  (I guess this isn't 
really a question.  :)

- Is there any guarantee on the order in which these matches will be 
performed?  That will affect the logic used while building the config files.

Thanks again for making all these changes.  This is exactly what we need in 
a load testing system.  :)


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