Test specification questions

Mark Smith msmith at truelink.com
Mon Dec 5 20:48:47 CET 2005

Nicolas Niclausse wrote:
> The syntax is:
> <match do="continue|abort|loop|restart" when="match|nomatch">regexp</match>
> for ex:
> <request>
>       <match do="continue" when="nomatch">Welcome|Bienvenue</match>
>       <match do="abort" when="match">Login Incorrect</match>
>       <match do="loop" when="match" sleep_loop="2"
> max_loop="5">Retry</match>
>       <http url= .../>
> </request>
> "restart" will restart the session from the beginning.

I assume that <request> still needs "subst='true'" in it?  Your example 
doesn't include this, but I wanted to confirm.


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