Test specification questions

Mark Smith msmith at truelink.com
Mon Dec 5 20:45:00 CET 2005

Nicolas Niclausse wrote:
> OK, i've implemented the multiple matchs feature

Fantastic!  I've applied the patch (which supersedes the previous patch, I 
noticed), rebuilt the RPM, and am making changes to my config file now.

I will point out, however, that the new patch does not include the 
"get_really_unique_id" function.  I've exported it into its own patch and 
have included it here.  Since these are two totally unrelated features, 
having separate patches is not a bad idea.  In fact, it might be a good 
idea to put the ts_launcher stuff into its own patch as well.

Thanks again, Nicolas.  I'll let you know how my tests go.

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