What is an "online" jabber user?

Jason Tucker jasonwtucker at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 23:12:09 CET 2005

On 12/12/05, Nicolas Niclausse <nicolas at niclux.org> wrote:
> Jason Tucker a écrit :
> > On 12/9/05, *Nicolas Niclausse* <nicolas at niclux.org
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> >     Yes, a user is considered online as soon as he is connected, so it's
> >     possible to get an offline message in the case you describe.
> >
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> > Is there any way this behavior can be altered? It would be *much* better
> > if tsunami only considered a user online after they have authenticated.
> Is it after authentication or after the "presence"  msg is received by
> the server ?

After authentication. During the last part of the authentication phase, the
client sends an jabber:iq:auth 'set' mesage to the server. Assuming
successful authentication, the server would respond with an iq
type='result'. At this point the client session is fully established - any
messages sent to this client prior to this point will go to offline message

For my purposes, it would be ideal if there was a way to put this in the
idx-tsunami.xml as a configurable element. This part of the tsunami code is
well beyond my skills, though, or I'd try to contribute something.

While we're on the subject, would you have any idea why at around 25,600
(approximately) we would start running into problems with messages sent to
online users? The test starts off OK (sometimes sporadic offline messages
due to the problem we've discussed), but basically goes well until about
~25.6K users. Then suddenly, like clockwork, tsunami starts hitting
*recently* connected users with messages - before they have a chance to
auth. I don't know how tsunami stores the list of online users, or how it
then selects an online user to send a message to... but it is very odd that
it always happens at this point.

Anyway - if the first problem could be fixed (onlline only if authed), then
the second part of my problem would probably be irrelevant.

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