Just a suggestion...

Mark Smith msmith at truelink.com
Tue Dec 6 23:48:19 CET 2005

Jason Tucker wrote:
> You're right... I guest I could do something like that - with each tsunami
> instance using a distinct set of XMPP users. The only problem I have with
> that is that I have significantly less tsunami load gen hosts than I do XMPP
> connection managers. It seems like I would need at least a 1:1 ratio to get
> this to work, as I can only run one tsunami instance per client host (I
> think!).

Well, two things:
- You can run multiple clients per host by using the cpu="2" option to the 
<server> tag, but they all use the same configuration.  However...
- You can specify multiple <sessions> per config file.  The ratio by which 
they're used is specified by the popularity="n" tag.  That is:

<session name="web00" popularity="25" type="ts_http"> ... </session>
<session name="web01" popularity="25" type="ts_http"> ... </session>
<session name="web02" popularity="25" type="ts_http"> ... </session>
<session name="web03" popularity="25" type="ts_http"> ... </session>

Make the contents of each <session> be identical except for the host name 
in the <http url="..."> tags.

The popularity tags _MUST_ add up to 100.  You can easily make them uneven 
if you want too.

If you do this, then every client will hit all four web servers, so you 
don't need a 1:1.

I will admit that the config file can quickly become unruly if you do it 
this way.


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