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Jason Tucker jasonwtucker at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 20:38:25 CET 2005


I'm working on troubleshooting a capacity issue in our environment, and got
to thinking about something that would really help me out...

Right now, we have a number of XMPP connections managers sitting behind a
load balancer, and obviously, I'm seding my tsunami load to the load
balancer address.

It would be great if I could take the load balancer variable out of our
test. In other words, have tsunami use a *pool* of server addresses, which
it would consider to be a single server. Each tsunami client could simply
use round-robin to decide which server address to connect to. Does that make

I'm not sure if this is feasible or not, but I just thought I'd offer it up
as a suggestion! :-)


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