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Mon Dec 5 17:39:53 CET 2005


I am trying a simple IDX-Tsunami example. My configuration file is attache below. When the program runs, the following file is created in the log directory. Can someone let me know what the problem may be?


[root at esba3dv 20051205-16:21]# cat tsunami0\@esba3dv.log

=INFO REPORT==== 5-Dec-2005::16:21:14 ===
         ts_launcher:(5:<0.48.0>) Launch msg receive ("esba3dv")

=ERROR REPORT==== 5-Dec-2005::16:21:14 ===
** State machine ts_launcher terminating
** Last event in was {launch,[]}
** When State == wait
**      Data  == {state,undefined,
** Reason for termination =
** {noproc,{gen_server,call,

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE idx-tsunami SYSTEM "/usr/share/idx-tsunami/idx-tsunami-1.0.dtd">
<!-- set dumptraffic="true" to dump all received and sent packets -->
<!-- set loglevel="debug" for maximum verbosity -->
<idx-tsunami loglevel="notice" dumptraffic="false" version="1.0">

  <!-- Client side setup -->
    <!-- maxusers is the max number of simultaneous clients. Don't set
    it too high because you can run out of file descriptors. Remember
    that ssl_esock use 2 fds by connection. -->
    <client host="esba3dv" weight="2" maxusers="500">
      <ip value=""></ip>

  <!-- Server side setup -->
  <server host="esba3dv" port="7" type="tcp"></server>

  <!-- to start os monitoring (cpu, network, memory). Use an erlang
  agent on the remote machine or SNMP. erlang is the default -->
  <!-- #acp <monitoring>
    <monitor host="myserver" type="snmp"></monitor>
    <monitor host="myserver2" type="erlang"></monitor>

  <!-- several arrival phases can be set: for each phase, you can set
  the mean inter-arrival time between new clients and the phase
  duration -->
  <arrivalphase phase="1" duration="2" unit="minute">
    <users interarrival="1" unit="second"></users>

  <!--  default values. -->
  <!-- Thinktime value overrides those set in the session
  nodes if override=true. -->
  <default name="thinktime" value="1" random="false" override="false"></default>
  <!-- to set specific ssl_ciphers -->
  <default name="ssl_ciphers" value="EXP1024-RC4-SHA,EDH-RSA-DES-CBC3-SHA"></default>

  <!-- If you want to benchmark a proxy server instead of a reguler web server-->
  <!--   <default type="ts_http" name="http_use_server_as_proxy" value="true"/> -->
  <default type="ts_http" name="user_agent">
    <user_agent frequency="100">Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; fr-FR; rv:1.7.8) Gecko/20050511 Firefox/1.0.4</user_agent>

  <!-- ********************************************** -->
  <!-- start a session for a http user. the popularity is the
  frequency of this type os session. The sum of all session's
  popularity must be 100 -->
  <!-- ********************************************** -->
  <session name="http-example" popularity="100" type="ts_http">
    <!-- full url with server name, this overrides the "server" config value -->
    <request match="EchoReply">
      <http url="http://esba2dv/Echo/Echo" method="GET" version="1.1"></http>
    <!-- <thinktime value="20" random="true"></thinktime> -->


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