IDX recorder crash

Nicolas Niclausse nicolas at
Tue Dec 6 17:41:32 CET 2005

kamwa kamwa wilfried ecrivait le 06.12.2005 12:55:
> I tried to create log for benchmark with idx recoder.
> My platform is default debian package erlang R10-B-7 
> + idx-tsunami 1.1.0-1 + libxmerl-erlang 0.19.-1
>  when I tried to start recorder I've got this :
> #idx-tsunami  recorder
> Starting IDX-Tsunami recorder on port 8090
> #
> but it he renerate an erl-crash.dump file here in
> attach?
> Could you give me some help to resolve this problem?

The debian binary was build with erlangr10b5 and requires it.

An updated binary for r10b7 has already been sent to the list:

(this will be fixed in future versions)


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