Test specification questions

Mark Smith msmith at truelink.com
Mon Dec 5 21:59:37 CET 2005

Nicolas Niclausse wrote:
>>- Is there any guarantee on the order in which these matches will be
>>performed?  That will affect the logic used while building the config
> It's the same order as in the XML file (well, it is supposed to ... :).

That's good enough for me.  Thanks.

I'm getting some errors, however.  I'm not sure if its in my config file or 
in the patch.  I'll attach the log files, and the part of my config file 
where the problem is happening.

The log file outputs the data as ascii numbers seperated by commas, so I 
processed it with:

perl -pe 's/(\d+),/chr($1)/ge' <log file>

I'll attach both so its easier to read.  But, there are some cases where it 
converted numbers it shouldn't have, so you may need to read the 
non-converted version for those.

----- snip! -----
       <!-- Landing page. -->
       <request><http url='http://tc.slo-opsweb.truelink.com/' 
version='1.1' method='GET'></http></request>
       <request subst="true">
          <match do="abort" when="nomatch">START HERE</match>
          <match do="abort" when="match">sos</match>
          <http url='/entry/drtv1.jsp?cb=DRTV1' version='1.1' 
----- snip! -----


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